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I don’t think it’s going to…make us any happier.” That Gosling and Mendes were expecting a child in 2014 took the world by surprise.

The couple, who rarely steps out together, was first linked in 2011 when they were spotted in Disneyland.

His brother is his only companion, a recent visitor to the resort who was turned into a sheepdog. Reilly as a man with a lisp and Ben Whishaw as a man with a limp (their two defining features) and they each have their own way of dealing with the loneliness.

The "Famously Single" houseguests are revealing more about their personal lives and this week is no different.

In Too Fab’s exclusive clip for this week’s episode of the E! Darcy opens the floor to the reality stars to reflect upon a time they were attracted to someone who had an awful personality.

"Dancing With the Stars" professional Karina Smirnoff was hesitant to admit she had an awkward and relatable experience with a hot actor who starred in a show she used to watch.

And yet the societal norm is still that everybody be happy and in a relationship and if you’re not paired off, you’re a weirdo.

As a result, people cling to whatever tiny interest or quirk they might share with someone and build a whole relationship off of that.

It was super private and I guess that’s what made it so much fun too.”While things went well, it was clear the two are a long way from being exclusive — Theron asked Stern to set her up with someone. “I wish I could meet people outside of my industry. I watch documentaries about adventures and I’m like, ‘I want to be with somebody like that who can climb a f—— mountain.’ ”Asked what she looks for in a man, she said, “I don’t care so much about physical — I don’t care about that.”What she does care about is making sure her potential partner vibes with her 5-year-old son Jackson and 2-year-old daughter August.“Once you have children, that’s who you are. “They have to wait a long time — a very long time,” she said.

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We live in a world now where 90% of our interactions come online, more and more people are finding it hard to connect with human beings on a deeper level, and people stay single much longer.

On the other hand, another “Famously Single” houseguest, David Mcintosh understands perfection will never exist, so he tries to give the women he doesn’t connect with on a romantic level a little love for a certain block of time. I still got to give some love." Speaking of love, "I Love New York" star Tiffany Pollard believes her attention on physical love just might be the issue holding her back from finding her soulmate.

"Every woman you meet is not going to be an amazing woman. "I have, but if the d-ck is good, I’ll put up with it.

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