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Indian American populations traditionally tended to concentrate in regions with warmer climates like California and New Jersey.However in later decades, the population scattered due to better economic prospects and living conditions.Academicians formed the majority of skilled Indian migrants to the US till the 1980s when California’s Silicon Valley witnessed a wave of young software professionals and bright entrepreneurs from India eager to make their mark in the land of opportunities.Today, software professionals, doctors, academicians and corporate managers continue to comprise the bulk of highly skilled Indian immigrants to the United States.

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We shared many common interests, Sikhi being the most important.

After talking for few months, I decided to travel to India wi...

After that, the anti-immigration and anti-miscegenation laws brought into force during the two World Wars barred further immigration till 1946 when President Harry Truman signed into law the Luce-Celler Act.

This paved the way for further immigration under family re-unification programs and restored to Indian Americans the right to be counted as naturalized citizens of the United States.

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