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magazine has a new headline reading "Shailene & Ellen: They're Dating," saying Ellen is dating Shailene Woodley.

The story said the movie stars are "longtime friends, but things have turned romantic." was told by a source close to Shailene that the story is "not true." Shailene's team even reportedly told the magazine "there is no longtime friendship and certainly no relationship" but that didn't do the trick to stop the Ellen and Alex a while to set the record straight that they were just friends, after dating rumors spread for a while, just based on their chemistry together. Ellen came out in a Valentine's Day speech earlier this year, and Alex recently told magazine, "I'm extremely proud of her for being so strong and coming out and helping other young girls and guys out there. And the way she did it was so eloquent, so well spoken and she's so intelligent." Yep, she’s a catch — just not Shailene’s catch, apparently.

It may feel as if you're stamped with a label that says, “Don't say or do anything too harsh or offensive around me, or I may lose it. I may break.”The only thing is, that's not and never is the case.

Mental illness comes in all shapes and sizes and is what licensed psychologist Erika Martinez calls an “umbrella term.”“It covers different mental health disorders that can affect someone's emotions, thoughts and behaviors, and as a result can interfere with their social, academic and occupational functioning,” Martinez tells Elite Daily.

Of Course, this is the place for Relationship and Dating Talk.

Others have fallen by the wayside, but we remain, and have grown to one of the most popular and user friendly sites on the internet.

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If you use the chat room and do not agree to these terms cannot and will not be held responsible.I am so happy and have no words that could describe my feelings. I just want to find that one, who will love me for real and will be my soulmate…Mc Kenna’s sixth grade year was one of great growth for her, both academically and otherwise.Chanel Iman & Sterling Shepard All Boo’d Up Christina Milian & Violet Make A Splash Erica Ash’s ‘Bootylicious’ Yacht Dance» LOVE IN THE AIR!HENSON TO RETURN TO 'PERSON OF INTEREST' According to this alleged source, Henson eventually gave in.

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    Mind you, there is nothing special about this case. Teens take risks, they push the boundaries that we, as parents think we have established, and they make mistakes -- lots and lots of dumb mistakes.