Michigans laws on dating cousins

It was an all-American college moment on the Michigan State University campus in East Lansing: Tosif Khatri was laughing and chatting with two fellow students – both women – as they walked to a local cafe. "Not that it's any of my business or anything like that," the cousin said, "but are you, like, hanging out with girls right now? it's nothing silly or anything like that, it's just for the sake of a student event," Khatri recalls.

It was his cousin calling to invoke a bit of the family's old country Indian-Muslim traditions.

Haram or not, outings like this happen increasingly among American Muslims as they integrate into the US.

Reactions like Khatri's watchful cousin's illustrate the challenge young Muslim men and women face trying to interact, let alone "date."The careful rules that dictate male-female interaction and courtship quite simply can't be applied in the US as they are in predominately Muslim countries.

But the line blurs when Khatri admits that the outing was also an excuse to socialize.

Many Muslims would even call such a mixed-sex meeting haram, sinful.

A recent study shows that, at least with cousins (who are covered by these laws), there is no greater risk for such defects.

He was hanging with two female colleagues to discuss organizational matters for the Muslim Student Association (MSA).The case could raise some interesting legal questions.I have long been a critic of criminalization of polygamy, here and other moral legislation prohibiting such things as fornication or adultery. The moral claim against incest is constitutionally suspect.What's more, Islamic teachings lay out few undisputable guidelines when it comes to finding and meeting a mate; every Muslim tradition has its own interpretation.So, what an Indian Muslim might find permissible could be off-limits for an Arab Muslim.

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