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Louis de Brienne de Conflans d'Armentires (1711-1774) Marshal of France.

He returned to France in February 1743 and was made a marchal de camp on 20 February that year. Price : 65.00 Top of Page | Email About This Item A good Autograph Letter Signed addressed Monsieur discussing singing techniques the demi-charge and hoping to arrange a meeting. 1 page 7 x 5 inches light toning small filing hole. He managed to extricate his army of 15000 men by leading them for ten days across treacherous defiles of ice and snow; 1200 died on the march from cold and another 500 later from the effects of this march. Emile Bergerat (1845-1923) French poet and dramatist. 12 x 8 inches in good condition integral bank leaf. Charles Armand Domenica de Gontaut (1663-1756) Marquis de Biron then Duc de Biron Marshal of France.

Along with its use as a military, fishing and yachting port, it is also a cross-Channel ferry port, with routes to the English ports of Poole and Portsmouth, the Irish port of Rosslare Harbour and St Helier on Jersey.

Limited by its geographical isolation from being a great commercial port, it is nonetheless an important shipbuilding centre, and a working-class city with a rural hinterland.

He then joined the arme d'Alsace during its campaign in Flanders. King Louis XV made him Secretary of State for War in 1758 a position Belle-Isle would hold until his death in 1761. Price : 75.00 Top of Page | Email About This Item Manuscript judgement on behalf of the Marshals of France signed by the Duc de Biron sorting out a case of des insultes et violences between Lamerye and Soizel. Saint-Simon relates a number of anecdotes featuring the Duc de Biron in his Memoirs. Pierre Louis Jean Casimir de Blacas d'Aulps comte de Blacas (1771-1839) French antiquarian nobleman and diplomat during the Bourbon Restoration. Charles Blanc (1813-1882) was a French art critic brother of Louis Blanc.

He fought at Rocourt on 11 October 1746 and brought Louis XV news of the victory. Price : 150.00 Top of Page | Email About This Item Autograph Letter Signed asking for news of his two plays La Pompadour and Vidocq and enquiring whether his correspondent has heard from his friend the American impressario. He commanded the French vanguard at the Battle of Oudenaarde (1708). He accompanied into exile the Comte de Provence later King Louis XVIII. After the February Revolution of 1848 he was director of the department for the visual arts at the ministry of the interior.

Breakfast was taken early if you were poor, later if you were rich. "Most New Englanders had a simple diet, their soil and climates allowing limited varieties of fruits and vegetables.

On Wednesday, 10 April 1912 the RMS Titanic crossed the English Channel and docked here at pm local time before raising anchor at pm local time and sailing to her final stop Queenstown, Ireland.

Cherbourg-en-Cotentin is located at the northern tip of the Cotentin Peninsula, in the department of Manche, of which it is a subprefecture.

Autograph Letter Signed to Mon cher Denis asking for seats in the third tier with a comment about escorting the Princess Mathilde to the Opera Comique yet recalling republican sympathies. He served in the Bohemian expedition during the first phase of the War of the Austrian Succession under marchal de Belle-Isle. Price : 100.00 Top of Page | Email About This Item Letter Signed as Secretary of State for War ordering payments to be made to the officer and men wounded by the bursting of a cannon. But later Belle-Isle found himself besieged in Prague surrounded by an army of 60000 Austrians.

Price : 30.00 Top of Page | Email About This Item Autograph Postcard Signed Juliette Adam. Price : 75.00 Top of Page | Email About This Item Autograph Letter Signed to Emile de Girardin editor of La Presse asking him to insert in his publication a note stating that the libretto of Le Guerillero is by him. 1 page 8 x 5 inches with integral address leaf minor defects only. Price : 75.00 Top of Page | Email About This Item Autograph Letter Signed Benjamin Antier encouraging a colleague discussing the production of plays and mentioning his own Pierre le Rouge (first produced 1836). Price : 65.00 Top of Page | Email About This Item Letter Signed to the Marquis de Castries discussing at length the different approaches to disciplinary matters in the infantry and the cavalry. On 18 October 1734 he became a brigadier aged only 23. At the head of 40000 French troops he crossed the Rhine in August 1741 to take control of Upper Austria.

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