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However, the scripts of “We Got Married” are totally different from those of dramas or movies.The scripts of “We Got Married” do not have any detailed words.On the basis of the scripts, the cast prepares for clothes, accessories and more.And during filming the program, the production crew occasionally intervenes in the couple’s dating because the young cast who is unused to a real variety show such as SHINee's Taemin and APink's Naeun needs some help filming the program.

For starters, incredibly funny husband-wife duos do not just fall off trees.In May 2016, Uee and Lee Sang Yoon confirmed their dating news.They were actually met for the first time on the red carpet Mnet Asia Music Awards 2015 and met again on another event in early 2016. Their 'marriage' last about 1 year 3 months and initially leave the show in 2011.The actors met and moved in together in 1971, though did not marry until 1982. The onscreen couple married during the show's fifth season in 1967, and about a year later, Minor and Henning tied the knot. Not only because they're so cute together, but i personally liked each of them since long ago. they could practice for a romance by join this show.

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